About Felicia

A self taught artist since childhood, Felicia has been developing her own unique form of art by painting with light since 1996. Her original and unusual style of hand painting directly onto light bulbs so that her paintings were projected onto the surrounding surfaces was unheard of at the time.
These Mood Light Bulbs, inspired by the light that shines from within, are used to evoke specific emotions through the intentional use of color.
Her art has been exhibited all over the country from the boardwalk in Venice Beach, CA to art shows, boutiques to museums, and television talk shows like Good Day Sacramento and Good Morning America. Inspired by the light she sees in all life and so encouraged by the strength that people possess to transform their lives and Selves in dark times, Felicia aims to reflect this in her new Solar line of Luminaries made from vintage glass that she reclaims from her local landfill.
These original Light Art Forms are her method of expression, the light being her subject and her medium instead of just a vehicle for other forms of art.
Her passion for color and light materialize into her Artistic Illuminations in her studio in Sebastopol, CA. She strives to remind humans that we are all connected to each other being by the light that emanates from and through us.

Love and light,

Felicia Renaud