For The Love Of Pumpkin

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I mention Fall? Don’t lie, it’s okay to admit that Halloween comes in second. We now live in a time where pumpkin spice reigns supreme (I personally don’t consider Halloween a runner up; however, I acknowledge the power that this yumminess yields). It’s no surprise then that October 26th is actually National Pumpkin Day and is celebrated by pumpkin lovers all across the United States!

I recently learned about National Pumpkin Day and got a little giddy over the idea of a day solely meant to celebrate pumpkins. 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the United States each year. Makes sense, since you can do so many different things with pumpkins. Of course, baked goods are a natural “must have” and decorating with pumpkins has become a recent trend. I even have a pumpkin bulb available!

I thought it would be neat to find out the craziest, coolest, most unique ways people use pumpkins. It was difficult, but I narrowed them all down to my top 3 favorites (no pumpkin spice allowed!) Check out these clever ideas below and let me know if you have anything to add!

Pumpkin Pirate Ship
Pumpkin Pirate Ship

This might be one of the coolest pumpkin carvings I’ve seen! Take a whole pumpkin and just begin carving! You’ll definitely want to remove all of the seeds and center, and do some prep work to ensure the pumpkin doesn’t turn bad too quickly. You don’t even have to carve a pirate ship! Let your imagination be your navigation.

Pumpkin Boat Races
Turtle Pumpkin

Seriously, pumpkin boat races?! Yes, this is a real thing. Folks hollow out giant pumpkins, dress them up with neat designs, and race them via paddles in fantastic pumpkin boat races! This happens in several different states and is a tradition in a lot of places when celebrating Halloween.

Pumpkin Hanging Lights
Pumpkin lights
You know me, always looking for ways to spruce up lighting. I found this idea for taking jack o’lanterns and hanging them to create “hanging pumpkin lights”. It would be a super cute idea not only for Halloween, but for the autumn months in general.

Send any other ideas my way, and follow me on Pinterest for more pumpkin creations!

Solar Spans The Seasons

Typically people associate solar lighting with summer. Yes we agree that’s a popular season. But our Solar Luminaries and Solar Path Lights span the seasons. Just check out these beauties rocking in the snow :) Each piece is totally unique and variations from the pics in size, shape, pattern, and brightness should be expected. They like at least 4 hours of bright, direct Sunlight and fully charge in 8 hours.

Our Solar Luminaries are made from recycled materials, with the same high temp paint that I have been using on my hand painted projecting Light Bulbs for 20 years. It is a water base color that is permanent and weather resistant once cured. I find these glasses at the recycle center at the dump.

Some of our specialty Solar Luminaries like the one pictured below, is made from vintage glass Dessert Dishes/Sundae Glasses reclaimed from my local Landfill, that I hand paint. All are truly unique and beautiful!
When they light up automatically at night time each one creates a one of a kind stained glass effect by projecting the painted colors and images from the painting along with the textured patterns from the glass onto the surface it illuminates!!!

The Solar powered LEDs are sourced from local landfills too, from old yard lights that people threw away when they weren't lighting up anymore. Most of them would have worked again if the rechargeable battery inside was changed but many people don't realize they have batteries even tho they are solar powered so the whole path light gets thrown 'away' batteries and all. I find these solar yard lights at my recycle center at the dump, recycle the batteries, refurbish the solar charging units, often times even rebuilding the circuit boards. I reuse all of the parts from the discarded Solar Lights that I can!
So the only parts of these Luminaries that are not Reclaimed from my local landfills are the Paint and new high quality rechargeable batteries, and sometimes I even replace the whole circuit board with ones that I put together myself on custom designed PCBs!

And although each Solar Luminary created is handmade from refurbished materials. We check each and every light bulb before we ship it to you. Each light fixture is guaranteed for 1 year but they typically last 5-10 years.  

See more Solar Luminaries on Etsy

And our Solar Path Lights you can find by clicking here.


Why I Love Yoga Appreciation Month

Aum Bulb

I read this quote the other day that went, “Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.” Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, an internationally recognized and renowned yoga teacher, is responsible for this wise meme circling social media. She’s so right. Yoga has evolved into this vessel used to reach new heights of peace of mind around the world.

Because so many have turned to yoga to find inner peace, the Department of Health and Human Services has named September as Yoga Appreciation Month. A whole month, dedicated to spreading knowledge about yoga! To me, this translates into a whole month dedicated to shedding light on a practice that’s not only physically rewarding, but more importantly spiritually nourishing.

A little bit about yoga for those who have never tried it: it’s seriously healing. I was astounded to learn about the various common ailments yoga has been used successfully to treat. From chronic back pain, hypertension, heart disease, menopause, and asthma to more serious, mental ailments like depression - yoga can help! Even cancer patients have used yoga to relieve discomfort and stress and to improve quality of life after treatments.

I believe we all strive for self-acceptance. Being healthy can be hard! The judgement, the poor body image, the self-doubt… All of these things disappear with yoga; they become non-issues. Yoga takes your mind and slows it down so you can focus on deep, steady breathing and strong, empowered poses.

I’m throwing out a challenge during Yoga Appreciation Month to anyone who has never tried yoga - do it! You won’t regret it and really, what have you got to lose? Take it one step further and create a special yoga space at home this September, and send me a photo on Facebook! I would love to see someone utilize an Amber or Blue Spiral mood-light, or of course the Aum bulb in their yoga or meditation space.

Lighting Tips for Decorating a Nursery or Kids' Room

We love interior design, especially creating a new look and feel for a space. So when one of our close friends introduced us to her nursery ideas we immediately were intrigued about how light can impact a nursery.

The right nursery lighting can help soothe your baby to sleep, and some new parents find soft lighting extremely useful.

About Home advises to avoid harsh lighting.

“A soft glow makes any room seem warm and inviting, but that’s not the only reason to keep things cozy. Soft lighting reduces the contrast between light and dark, preventing over-stimulation and giving baby’s undeveloped eyes a much-needed rest.
When lighting the nursery, avoid halogens and exposed bulbs. These bright lights make babies uncomfortable and anxious and may prove hazardous should a curious toddler come poking around. Opt instead for fixtures offering shaded or diffused light.
Another tip? Consider baby’s point of view. Ceiling fixtures with bell-shaped shades may look lovely from across the room, but the effect is less enjoyable when you’re lying directly under them.”

What To Expect When You’re Expecting advises a night-light or dimmer switch.

“Your baby won't be afraid of the dark for another year at least (or maybe he never will), so the mood lighting in your baby's bedroom isn't for his sake just yet. But a night-light or a dimmer switch is a nursery essential to keep you (and your partner) from stubbing your toes when you stumble in at 2 a.m. for a feeding. Plus, the night-light's mellow glow (rather than the glare of a bright bulb) will help your baby learn to distinguish between night and day. What else can help your baby drift off to dreamland once you're done feeding? Keep your voice soft and soothing, and post-feeding cuddles short and sweet.”

Baby Center Blog suggests window coverings as a key lighting element

“Window treatments are key in the nursery. First of all, babies need to learn about the difference between night and day, and natural light is a major component of that lesson.

At the same time, a baby’s sleep schedule also requires some deep darkness during daylight. Layer your window coverings to allow for the most flexibility. Start with blackout shades inside the windowsill, add a sheer layer of curtains over that to diffuse light when baby wakes up. Then, indulge in a colorful and fun heavier fabric as the top layer that will block out even the gaps of light around the edges of the blackout shade.

If you install the curtain rod a little further past the edge of the windows, you’ll maximize the natural day light by being able to completely uncover the window when the curtains are drawn back. This is also a strategy that might serve you well in the master bedroom, to help stabilize your own shifting sleep schedule.”

Our Mood-Lights are often used in nurseries and kids’ rooms because they’re fun, radiant but not harsh like some LED lights can be, and add a special personalized element to the space. A few of our customers’ favorites are:

Hand-Painted Clouds Mood-Light Bulb
Cloud Light Bulb

A nursery favorite. A bulb that grows with the baby and never really goes out of style. And perfect for a gender neutral nursery. Also a popular and unique baby shower gift (especially for those moms-to-be that choose not to know the gender until the baby is born. This Bulb casts Blue Sky & White Clouds throughout the room projecting the colors and image onto the walls, or a lampshade. Will work on any light colored walls or lampshade! Each Bulb is 25 watts filling the room with soft flattering Light & has a Universal Base to fit in stand up lamps, hanging fixtures, wall sconces, etc., anywhere a standard bulb fits.

Hand-Painted Rainbow Mood-Light

Project Nursery has named Rainbow inspired nurseries one of the top 12 nursery trends for 2016.

“It’s All about That Color! Nurseries, toddler rooms and playrooms are alive and in technicolor this year. In the past, color palettes, even bright hues, have been limited to a more monochromatic scheme, but this year it’s all rainbow. Bold and bright colors and lots of them are paired together in a fun and cheerful way to add drama.” It’s no surprise our requests for our Hand-Painted Rainbow Mood-Light have doubled this year! Rainbow Light is known to be very healing & balancing!

It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect one's feelings, moods, and emotions. Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object.

Hand-Painted Moon & Stars Mood-Light Bulb


Although this is an all age favorite, we’ve seen a lot of customers using this in their kids’ rooms adding a fun element for bedtime. Kids love it! This special Mood-Light Bulb casts a Moon and Stars in either Blue, Yellow & Orange or Purple & Blue throughout the room projecting the colors and image onto the walls and ceiling, or a lampshade. And they’re 100% safe! MoodLight Bulbs are hand painted with high temp acrylics, the paint is permanent and safe for kids, pets, and the rest of the planet!

And of course our Rainbow Mood-Light Night-Light

This is a hand painted Night Light Bulb which casts a Rainbow on the wall behind the Night Light fits any c7 night light base or comes with its own!

Rainbow Light is known to be very healing & balancing. It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect one's feelings, moods, and emotions. Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object.

DIY Autumn Leaf Lights

Autumn Leaf Lights

This summer has been a whirlwind of light and color. It never fails, summertime always brings beauty with so much wonderful daylight. I can honestly say that summer could be my favorite season… but then comes fall, and I’m reminded that autumn is the season of color. And in my book, nothing beats color.

When I say “autumn”, what do you think of? I always think of leaves. Fall leaves are possibly the most gorgeous of nature’s decorations. September turns the trees into mosaics, full of reds, purples, yellows, and oranges. And not just any red. I’m talking scarlet. Rust. Gold. Burgundy. Complete, utter brilliance.

Capturing the essence of fall can be difficult, but I came across a light project recently that does such a great job of it, I had to share. I love DIY projects! This one is especially fun and is a good fit for the whole family.

First, head outside. Get up-close and personal with the leaves that have fallen on the ground and collect a nice little bundle of the most perfect leaves you can find. Head back inside and get started making your Autumn Leaf Light.


You’ll need the leaves you just collected, some Mod Podge (get at any crafts store), one clean mason jar (or more), a sponge brush, a few tea lights, and some time. Lay down newspaper if you’re worried about making a mess.

Make sure your leaves are malleable and won’t tear or crumble if you bend them around the jar. If you have to, take a towel and gently dampen the leaves so they’re more “bendy”.

Dip your sponge brush into the Mod Podge and apply a light layer to one spot on the mason jar. Wait just a few seconds until the liquid becomes sticky, and then press your leaf onto the jar. Paint some more Mod Podge over the leaf, using the sponge brush to softly smooth out the edges.

You may need to press the corners of the leaf down as it dries onto the mason jar. Feel free to use a few extra layers of Mod Podge to get the leaf to stick. As the Mod Podge dries, you’ll see that the leaf is “glued” to the mason jar.

Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until your jar is covered in leafs to your liking. Set your jar aside and allow it to dry.

(Optional) Take some twine or rafia and tie it around the top of the mason jar to give the project the finishing touch. Place your tea light inside the jar and watch the colors of your leaves really come to life!

Try this project at home and let me know how it goes! For more DIY lighting ideas, check out my Pinterest!

Photos courtesy Spark & Chemistry blog