Lighting Up Your Patio

Patio Lighting

If you’ve been following the Mood Lights blog, you’ve probably guessed by now that I love DIY projects. I’m a refurbisher at heart; I live for repurposing and reusing. I find that DIY projects compliment this passion, especially during summer when so many fun DIY projects find their way to Pinterest.

In this case I’m following the crowd, and often get ideas from Pinterest. Pssst-If you haven’t visited my Pinterest you’re seriously missing out (check it out here). I’m always looking for creative, unique ways to decorate, especially with lighting. And, with the warmer weather, kids out of school and the summer spirit no doubt kicking in I’ve come across several patio and deck lighting ideas that I’ve fallen in love with.

Being creative can be time consuming and in the Pinterest day and age, being unique when decorating is almost impossible. However, I understand wanting to put your own stamp on your space. So, I browsed through Pinterest and found some of my favorite patio lighting ideas… and then I went ahead and “repurposed them” to be a little more “mood light” custom. You’re welcome. :)

Check these patio lighting ideas out and if you’re able to try a few, send me your photos!

Hanging Lights
Hanging Patio Light

One of my favorite patio features because it's just so pretty. Hanging lights remind me of stars but stars can be hard to see in the city. It does seem like nowadays everyone uses hanging lights to customize their patio, which is cool. However, if you’re looking for a unique take on hanging lights on your patio, try using mood lights! Colored lights would look so neat hanging above and brightening your patio. Try out my Rainbow Light for a funky feel, or this Magenta Mosaic for a more retro ambiance.

2. Boho Box Lights
Boho Lights

Love, love, love boho style anything! Bohemian box lights are really eclectic and soften up any area. I especially love them for a patio or a pathway, or  around your pool. I can just imagine how neat an Amber Mosaic bulb would look, glowing through a boho box.

3. Mounted Mason Jar Lights
Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars just scream “repurposed” so I clearly enjoy using them for everything other than what they were originally intended for. It can be as simple as attaching a wire hanger to the jar and a hook to the fence or patio rail - but, to dress these lights up a bit, add a Blue Moon bulb for a night sky scene.

4. Ground Lights
Mood Lights Solar Light

Ground lights are sometimes the most charming lights of all because they’re so simple - just a bulb illuminating a pathway or a patio floor. Fixed to the ground, these bulbs can cast brilliant designs at your feet and set the mood for an entertaining night outside. I love the thought of using my Red Flame bulb to add a little “heat”. If you’re looking for simplicity, grab a few of my solar powered path lights!

Spread The Light This 4th of July


"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

These three unalienable rights are declared to all human beings by the Declaration of Independence. These are rights we are born with and rights that over time many have fought and died to protect.
I’m reminded of this quote and these three rights as we approach (quickly) the 4th of July and their meaning is not lost on me as I reflect on recent events in our nation. When I heard about the shooting in Orlando I was heartbroken. However, the following week showed an out pour of love and support from all over towards the victims and their families, a spreading of light, if you will. It lifted my soul.

This 4th of July, as we gather around with family and friends to celebrate the Independence of our nation and those three unalienable, protected rights, let’s reach out and unite with our neighbors. Let’s spread the love and light as far as we possibly can this Independence Day.

Here are 5 ways to get you started with spreading the love this holiday:

1. Invite a new neighbor to your BBQ. Have them bring their family and create a new friendship!

2. Push yourself to perform a random act of kindness this 4th of July weekend. Buy the next person in line their cup of coffee, or help someone carry out their groceries. (It feels soooo good to help!)

3. Light up your yard with 4th of July lights to show your patriotism and throw in one of my rainbow solar powered path lights to show your support for Orlando.

4. Compliment someone. So easy, but it can mean so much. I’ve had strangers pay me a random compliment and it seriously brightens up my day.

5. Volunteer for a community event, or to host a neighborhood party. What better way to meet new friends than by serving food together, or planning neighborhood games!

Repeat after me. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. Those are YOUR rights and you should celebrate them this 4th of July! Continue to let your light shine!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Father's Day

We’re always looking for deeper meanings. We know that most celebrations have an origin so we’re always curious of their origination and how days like Father’s Day have become staple celebrations in the US.

Here’s a few fun facts that we found you might want to share or bring up at the Father’s Day BBQ!

1. Father's Day officially began in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, where 27-year-old Sonora Dodd proposed it as a way to honor the man who raised her when her mom died in childbirth. Dodd was at a church service thinking about how grateful she was for her father when she had the idea for Father's Day, which would mirror Mother's Day but be celebrated in June -- her dad's birthday month. The holiday gained traction during World War II, and in 1966 President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday of June to be Father's Day. President Richard Nixon made it a federal holiday six years later.

2. Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday in June in over 50 countries around the world and are over 65 million fathers in the United States.

3. Female shoppers spend 50% more than men on gifts for their Dad.

4. Roses are the official flower for Father's Day. A red rose is worn in the lapel if your father is living, a white rose if he is deceased.

5. Today, some of the most popular Internet searches connected to the day include "father's day recipes", "Father's day poems", and "father's day crafts." (we have some great DIY posts on the blog and here on this Pinterest board).

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Ever wonder why honey bees create a hive in the shape of a hexagon? Or why stars can be found in the sky, in the fields and in the ocean?

If you’re not familiar with sacred geometry, allow me to introduce you. Sacred geometry is the belief that there are basic universal patterns that have been used in the design of life, making these the sacred patterns. By identifying and studying these patterns and their connections, we gain insight into the mysteries of the Universe and find harmony within ourselves.

This quote from Miranda Lundy sums it up perfectly: "Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space. It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that the moves and concepts involved are regarded as having symbolic value, and thus, like good music, facilitate the evolution of the soul.”

What's really interesting is that the word Geometry actually means ‘Earth measure.’ This is generally attributed to the fact that the ancient Egyptians used geometry to resurvey the farmlands of the Nile river floodplain in late summer, after the boundaries were buried by the deposition of thick layers of alluvium from the yearly flooding.

I could go on and on about sacred geometry, the way the chambered nautilus shell mimics the swirl of the galaxies, the proportions of the Vitruvian Man, and the insane geometry of the pyramids… However, I’d rather share a few (easy) ways that you can incorporate the sacred patterns and shapes into your home to create a more harmonious, balanced energy.

The Circle

The circle promotes wholeness and symbolizes eternity. It has a feminine energy and balances the right and left brain. Circles are good to use when decorating a home office or art space since they help you fight against feeling scattered and give a surge of creativity.

The Spiral

I love the idea of tossing spirals all throughout the home. With a feminine energy, spirals are different than circles because they have no end. They go on and on and on, never completing their journey. Spirals represent evolution, letting go, surrendering to the ongoing creative process of life. Try using one of my rainbow spirals to free your mind!

The Square

Balance to the circle, the square represents structure and order. Squares are great additions to places where structure might be needed, like a classroom where children are learning. Square boxes are perfect for sorting toys or organizing rooms.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a more modern term used to explain a geometrical figure comprised of multiple evenly spaced overlapping circles that together create a flower-like pattern. The Flower of Life is thought to be a visual expression of the connections life webs through all beings. I am entranced by the Flower of Life so much so, in fact, that I've created a Flower of Life light bulb.

The Heart

It’s no surprise that the heart symbolizes emotions and sensitivity. Don’t shy away from using hearts in your home. Plug in a Pink & Purple Heart Bulb to feel more connected to your feelings.

The Diamond

There are certainly a few other sacred shapes, but I wanted to touch on the diamond last since it is so important. The diamond is the sacred symbol of ascension, growth and clarity of mind. It helps to connect us with our intuition. I suggest using my Amber Diamond bulb in an office space or meditation room.

Pythagoras said, “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” For more sacred geometry in the home, visit my Pinterest page!  

DIY Mother's Day Project

There’s this really fantastic poem by Maya Angelou titled, “Mother, A Cradle To Hold Me.” You can read the entire poem here. It begins:

“It is true

I was created in you.

It is also true

That you were created for me.

I owned your voice.

It was shaped and tuned to soothe me.

Your arms were molded

Into a cradle to hold me, to rock me.

The scent of your body was the air

Perfumed for me to breathe.”

Mothers are some of the most beautiful beings. Like a light, they’re radiant. The capacity to love without limits is something I am so glad we celebrate each year with a special day dedicated to these special women. Because moms light up so many lives around them, I was determined to find a way to reverse that and light up mom’s life this May.

After searching, I found this really neat Mother’s Day project on Pinterest. It’s the perfect art project for kids of any age and really allows them to express their unique artistic style while showing appreciation and love for Mom. And, because the kids took a hands-on approach to gifting, it’s a no-brainer that mom will LOVE it!

You’ll need the following:
  • A clay / terracota planter with a drain hole at the bottom
  • A solar light, like my Solar Garden Stakes
  • Water-based acrylic paints and brushes
  • A primer sealant, oil or water-based
  • A clear, acrylic sealant

To begin, you’ll need to clean the pot. Scrub gently with soap and water and dry with a rag to remove any dust or dirt. You want the paint to go on smooth.

Apply one to two coats of sealant and let dry before painting. This and step one can be done prior to gathering the kids, especially if they’re younger with short attention spans.

Get the paints out and let the kids go to town! Encourage them to use a lot of paint since terracotta tends to soak up the first few layers. If they can, a second coat of paint might be helpful to really showcase the colors. And remember, the more colors the better!!!

Once the pots are painted, they’ll need to dry overnight. After completely dry, apply the clear acrylic sealant to the painted portion of the pot.

Lastly, turn your planter upside down and insert the solar light into the planter. Here’s what it should look like:

This is a great project for dad or grandparents to help with and I promise, mom will be so impressed! Share your finished product with me on Facebook.