Collaboration: Sloop Jones and Mood-Lights

Collaboration. Webster defines it as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” I myself would modify that definition slightly to read “the action of working with someone to bring the best of two different worlds together to produce or create something magical.” That’s what I feel like I’ve been achieving recently through my work with Sloop Jones, imaginative painter and pioneering artist. We’ve joined up for what has been a seriously colorful collaboration at his studio at the End of the Road on the East End on St. John, U.S Virgin Islands.

It’s no secret that I adore rainbows, and will jump at any chance I’m given to incorporate every shade of the rainbow into a project. I know how powerful light therapy can be, especially when using multiple colors. If you think about how color can affect our feelings, moods, and emotions, you’ll recognize why rainbow light is known to be both healing and balancing.

A little background on light therapy… Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object. Research has proven that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color, without a doubt, can affect one's feelings, moods, and emotions.

For instance, red brings warmth, energy and stimulation and is therefore good for fighting fatigue and colds.


Blue is cooling, electric, astringent. It brings tranquility and soothes stress.


Purple light can be used for promoting transformation, creativity, meditation and spirituality; yellow for vitality and joy.


The benefits of rainbows when painted on lights and clothing are endless.

There’s no downside to surrounding yourself with color. When I had the opportunity to bring my rainbows to a Sloop Jones project, there was no question – I was invigorated and full of ideas!

Our home décor creations will be posted very soon on theSloop Jones website, according to a recent blog post Sloop’s team wrote about our collaborative efforts: “The Sloop Jones workspace has always been bursting with all the colors of the rainbow and now its influence is ever more present as a new line of hand-painted, rainbow-inspired home decor is in the works. Photos and online sales soon come!” Be sure to keep checking back for more information on how to order your one-of-a-kind Mood Lights/Sloop Jones piece. And if you feel inclined,  give them a little Facebook love, I encourage it

And thank you, Sloop, for giving me the chance to share my love of rainbows with you and your followers. I always enjoy working with someone who appreciates color just as much as I do.

-Felicia Renaud <3

Repurposed Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments


Not sure what to do with your burned out Mood-Light bulb? (They’re too pretty to throw away right? :)) Here’s a step by step tutorial (using only three items you likely already have at home) to create a Mood-Light Ornament. Perfect for adorning your Christmas tree, landscape, outdoor deck, favorite houseplant. We’ve even seen folks hang them from their sail boats (big fans). 


Ethernet cable
Ink pen (or something round and equivalent)
Household goop (or any glue equivalent)
Your burned out Mood-Light bulb 


Using a box knife expose your Ethernet cable, inside you’ll find a rainbow of smaller wires (pretty!) and who doesn't have a bunch of those in a drawer somewhere!



Using your favorite colored wires you removed from your repurposed Ethernet cable, cut them to approximately 12-18 inches using a wire cutter. Then simply wrap wires around your ink pen (or round equivalent) until you have a nice tight spiral like we did here:



Next take your lovely colored spiral you made in step 2, and add a dab of glue to the top of your Mood-Light bulb, carefully slip the spiral over the end of the lightbulb, leaving a few inches exposed, as we’ve done here:



After you’ve allowed the glue to dry, happily hang your repurposed DIY Mood-light bulb ornament putting your artwork on display for others to enjoy. 


Please share your new repurposed piece of art with us!


Socially Conscious Gift Ideas

I'm a lover of small, locally owned businesses where products are created that aren't just beautiful, but are earth-friendly and aim to brighten your day. Supporting local is an important part of growing our economy. This year, add to your holiday traditions and search for socially conscious gifts from hardworking, local business owners and artisans. When you shop local, you're not only buying a gift, you're giving brightening your community at the same time. Put local back on the map and use our brilliant Socially Conscious Holiday Gift List as your guide:


The Eccentric Fashionista


Everyone knows someone with a bold sense of fashion, but they can be so hard to shop for! Yeah Yeah Pony Prince t-shirts are serious show stoppers, all unique and hand painted using block print design and most importantly, are organically sustainable. If your fashion diva is really picky, check out Sloop Jones hand painted clothing line where they offer all sorts of wearables and even some original sign artwork.  Give the gift of wearable art that your fashionista shouldn't have to live without.


The Queen Bee

It doesn't get any sweeter than the gift of honey, especially when you purchase your honey from Bee Chama. The most important thing Bee Charma does is keep the honey exactly like the honeybees made it, complete with pollen, enzymes, and beeswax. When you purchase from Bee Chama, you're supporting a family owned and operated business that is constantly seeking new ways to be socially conscious and sustainable.


The Rocker

Aquamarine Jewelry Studio.jpg

Grab some earrings, a necklace, or a graceful bracelet from Aquamarine Jewelry Studio. Brooke and Patrick Glineur, owners and designers, hand pick all of the gemstones and fresh water pearls they use to create their affordable jewelry. It's simple, it's understated, and it's perfect for that jewelry lover who needs something really different to complete their collection.


The Naturalist

Speaking of jewelry, check out these creative pieces from Third Eye Pinecones. Their designs are really exciting! They actually hand-craft rings, pendants, and more using the centers from the world's densest pinecones. The best part? For every pendant sold, a tree is planted making this the perfect gift for the naturalist yearning to conserve and replenish.


The Foodie

Brazilian Munchies?? Yes, please! Seriously, this Brazilian cheese bread is beyond yummy. You can purchase it by the pound, where they will then ship it frozen to you to gift to whom you please. I especially appreciate that these are gluten-free! Just remember to order extra for yourself...

The Hostess With The Most

What do you buy for the person who has everything? A Brad Henry piece, of course (and if they already have a piece of Brad Henry pottery, why not add to the collection)? One look at BP's pottery portfolio and you'll see he really means it when he says, "Pieces should be fun to look at and proud to give." Purposeful, breathtaking art that just might make you the best gift-giver of all time.


The Dreamer


CharmedUs has a bit of something for everyone, but if you're really digging to find a fantastical gift for a whimsical dreamer, this is your one-stop shop. CharmedUs proudly creates uniquely stunning products with recycled, refurbished materials. From bird feeders to decanters to fairy wear, it's all here, ready for the picking.


If you're dreaming about something more wearable to gift, order a custom outfit from Elvyn Galactic. There's nothing better than a made-to-order, one of a kind rainbow designed dress, or onesie.


The Entertainer


If you're trying to find something for an attention-grabbing entertainer, check out Laser Guided Visions. They make business cards and wearables,  but the really cool feature about LGV's products are the holograms! With digital, 3-D printing capabilities, they can make just about anything.

For Those That Bathe

Wait isn’t that everyone? (Should be.) Precisely the point. It’s the perfect gift for everyone, because everyone needs soap and uses it daily (or should be). Sierra Nevada Soaps by Sierra Nevada Soap Company are byfar my favorite bathing accessory, their essential oil combinations are out of this world. Bay rum is on the top of my list with a synergistic blend of pure essential oils and ground spices give this bar its deep, rich, spicy aroma that penetrates your senses and gently exfoliates. In fact its bath time.

The Thoughtful Threader


Ataraxia Designs, a men and women’s clothing company that truly cares about the environment—they eat sleep and breathe it. Using Organic cotton, their clothes are as comfortable as they are stylish.


And of course our Mood-Lights, Long-life low energy light bulbs hand painted to case the painted image and colors onto the walls and ceiling in a darkened room or onto a lamp shade.

Happy Solar Holidays

Did you know that solar energy is at the root of many holiday traditions? December is a time for celebrating faith, family…and the power of the sun!


Each December, people of nearly every culture around the world celebrate a significant holiday. In the Christian community, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Jews celebrate Hanukah. In the Hindu world it is the time for the celebration of Diwali, and for followers of Islam, it is Eid-al-Adha. In China, it is Dongzhi, and Kwanzaa is a pan-African celebration also observed in December. For many ancient cultures, though, December was a time for festivals marking the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and celebrating the beginning of the gradual return to longer days and shorter nights. For those of us in the solar business, more hours of sunlight is a reason to celebrate as well! And of course if you haven't already, check out our upcycled hand-painted Solar Luminaries and Solar Path Lights (they make excellent holiday gifts)

Originally posted on Solar Tribune.


Why We Are Boycotting Black Friday


When I was doing more art shows Black Friday used to be one of busiest shopping days and over the years myself and fellow artists could see that we were losing show attendees to the ginormous mass marketing efforts of the giant box stores.  Our former customers were going and standing in line for promotions from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, and the like. To me and many of my fellow progressive artist peers, Black Friday represented the uninvited onslaught of the inescapable commercial sales pitch type messages that are impossible for us to avoid let alone compete with as small indie businesses.  

So we encourage each of you to join our progressive artist/indie community and boycott Black Friday buy not shopping at all!!! For ANYTHING on that day.  If we absolutely needed goods or services we would try to barter or at least make purchases from other small indie companies. Here’s a few we encourage you to check out:

Ambrz Art

Ambrz Art creators Amber and Marty make beautiful, handcrafted "jewelry" for your home and garden from recycled materials like copper and fused glass.


Sierra Nevada Soap

I love the idea of all natural, vegan soap and Sierra Nevada Soap Company has a great selection of soaps along wit soap dishes!

Ataraxia Designs

There's nothing to not love about Ataraxia Designs. Even their business bio is soothing: "With thoughts of merging the East and West by recognizing the Zen concept in our culture, we combine our own hand drawn artwork with our original poetry."


Sticky Situation "Quality Cactus and Succulents"

If you're a cactus and succulent enthusiast, this is THE place to visit! They have so many different types of cacti and succulents, some you've probably never even heard of. And, they're a really neat destination spot in Arizona since they even give garden tours!

A Buckle A Belt & A Brunette

Belts for everyone! Super stylish and all handmade, leather belts - I can't imagine better quality. Kristy specializes in 3-D buckles (check them out on her Facebook).

Liz Patton Design

If you like eccentric jewelry, you'll really like Liz Patton Design. She bends wire into gorgeous, wearable, hand made jewelry. Check it out!

Coconut Hut Beauty

You'll find every type of beauty supply you can imagine made wit coconut here. But what I really love is how they make everything "fresh to order" with natural and organic ingredients.


A stylish clothing company located in Northridge, CA. I love how colorful and unique the clothing is. And, it's a small business that's thriving!

Harry Mason Designer Jewelry

Yes, Harry Mason is a top notch jewelry designer in San Francisco. Yes, his jewelry is to die for! However, my favorite thing about him is how involved he is in global issues like ending hunger, educating children and eliminating disease.

Modified Tease

 As if the name "Modified Tease" wasn't cool enough, Modified Tease actually makes some really cool stuff using recycled jewelry and t-shirts. Their "tease" shirt projects include pillows, cat toys, headbands, and more!


I love how chic everything at Shebobo is. This is the place you want to shop if you're looking for a special gift to compliment a pretty lady.



Please, take a minute to think about adding some light into the life of someone you love. Lights can make the perfect gift and convey all kinds of emotions.