What to do with your burned out Incandescent Light Bulbs!

Don't want to throw away your burned out Mood-Light Bulb?  It's still beautiful, right?

Since the high temperature water based paint used is permanent, we encourage you to RePurpose your old friend by giving it a new life.  Here are a few creative ideas:

Repurposed Light Bulbs

 * xmas ornament           * bud vase          * watering globe          * hummingbird feeder

Tools needed include pliers, flathead screwdriver, safety goggles, & gloves. 
Remember, they are glass and can break so use caution.

Here is a video for how to hollow out your lightbulb:

How to Safely Hollow Out a Lightbulb

Recycling Fact:
Glass does not lose any of its durability or quality when recycled. So all-new glass products, including light bulbs, contain at least 35% recycled glass.

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