Get Your Shopping On This Small Business Saturday

 Photo Credit: Retail Minded


We’re not HUGE fans of Black Friday, in fact we’ve boycotted it the past few years.  Black Friday is frankly the death of Thanksgiving, cuts into precious time spent  with families during the holiday weekend, the day encouraged folks to frantically shop at odd hours at major retailers, leaving small businesses in the dust. We just can’t compete with 75% off, after all most of us eat from our business earnings. 

Small Business Saturday is an effort to support small business in a BIG way. And we’re obviously BIG fans. Not only does the faux holiday bring attention to the fact that Black Friday is a horrible idea, but it celebrates small businesses and encourages folks to shop small. 

“Year round, small businesses shape our communities and neighborhoods thanks to their unique charm, characteristics and one-of-a-kind personas, and it’s these attributions that help make Small Business Saturday even more important to support and celebrate. Putting small businesses center stage on Small Business Saturday is the least we can do as customers for businesses and the people that work within them who do so much for us year round.” -Forbes

We hope you join us and support small businesses like ours this coming November 26th. 


#GreenLightAVet Honoring Veterans With Light

image: Modern Miami 

Veteran’s Day holds a special place in our hearts, because it recognizes all of those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to serving our country. They’ve paved the way for many rights that are often overlooked in our day to day lives. This day reminds us to show our gratitude to veterans. 

In lieu of the holiday we wanted to do something beyond a simple discount (which we are offering free shipping simply use the code: LIGHTITUP) so when we heard about #GreenLightAVet we were excited to participate. 

It’s very simple:

1) Change one light to green
Change one light in a visible location in your home or office to green, and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of support and appreciation for our veterans. Our Spiral Mood-Light bulb is our bulb of choice. 

2) Share your support
Inspire others to join the cause by taking a picture of your green light and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #greenlightavet.

3) Put your light on the map
Post your light on the Greenlight A Vet map to make sure every veteran across the country can see your support.

4) Show your social support
Change your profile pic. Click on the link below to make your Facebook profile picture glow green in support of our veterans.

Check out the GreenLight A Vet Map for a visual of the 4 million+ that are beaming their support: 

Join the movement: http://www.greenlightavet.comSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

Lighting Gifts We Love

It doesn’t matter how hard you fight it, fact is, the holidays are here! They crept up so quietly, it was a bit of a shock realizing how close we are to Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re feeling exciting… and probably unprepared.

Lately, I worry that gift giving is becoming a chore, even for me. When life is so rushed, it can seem like grabbing a gift certificate or throwing some money in a card is the best choice. I promise, it’s not! Nothing against gift cards, but they don’t say, “I put a lot of thought into this.” Hand-picked and created gifts are still important, and still so appreciated.

I took some time recently to sort through my Pinterest. I want to help you spread the light and love of the holidays and thought it might be fun to put together a “lighting” gift guide. Lights make the perfect gift because literally everyone can use them! Plus, they’re completely customizeable and show just how much thought you’ve given the recipient. A college student will appreciate a table lamp while an off-the-grid’er will love solar pathlights. There is a light for everyone!

Here are my top picks when giving the gift of light this holiday season:

The Rasta / Plika Light
Rasta light

    Call me crazy, but I flipped for this Rasta-inspired Plika light. I’m all about customs and history, and the Polish origins of this creation just speak to me. Taken from the artist’s description: “The name suggests an inspiration derived from old Polish customs and beliefs where Plica Polonica (Polish Plait) was one of curiosities from the ancient Poland. According to the folk tales, messy knot tangled up at the ceiling imprisons evil spirits.”

Someone Spilled the Paint
spilled paint light

    This lamp was made for an artist. If you have an artist, painter, DIY’er in the family, this lamp is the perfect compliment to their already eclectic decor. I fell in love with this lamp the way it appears on Pinterest, but I adore it even more when paired with one of my Mosaic bulbs!

cloud light

    These kill me. Seriously, cloud lights hanging in your bedroom?! Talk about awesome! I think it would be cool to put this cloud light together in a pretty basket with a few of those glow in the dark stars, and a “create your own solar system” set and give it to a niece or nephew, or a coworker as a family gift.

DIY Nursery Lampshade + Moodlight
custom lamp

    Late night feedings, 2AM diaper changes, rocking the baby back to sleep… all reasons to gift a soon-to-be friend with a custom table lamp. These look super easy to make, and you can write whatever sweet message or phrase your heart desires. I would pair this with my …… light, a nice soothing accompaniment for the perfect nursery gift.

And finally, the perfect gift for the minimalist, off-grid’er…
solar lights

A solar light. It’s hard to figure out what to get that person who is so sustainable, they don’t really need anything else. However, living off-grid requires hard work and patience, and being able to maneuver around in the dark with minimal lighting. By gifting solar lights, you’re really giving the gift of convenience, and that can mean the world to a minimalist.

Send me your lighting gift ideas, especially if you’re pairing with a mood light!  And follow my “Radiant Gift Ideas” pinterest board for more ways to spread the light this holiday season!



Hello friends,

When something breaks, (no matter who’s at fault) it can stink. 

As you know we’re big proponents of upcycling, recycling and reusing just about everything. So when a Mood-Lights fan came to us and expressed their sorrow of a broken bulb we wanted to offer them little love so they could replace their favorite lighting accessory. And we’re of course extending this offer to all of our Mood-Lights fans. Just use the code: SHATTERED to receive 20% off towards a replacement. 

Happy day.

image: Ian Moran / Moment Open / Getty Images

Haunted House Lighting Tips

Halloween could arguably be one of my favorite holidays. The artist in me connects with the type of decorating that happens during Halloween. As opposed to Christmas, where most can get away with stringing Christmas lights or hanging a wreath, Halloween requires a more detailed approach. Cobwebs, black tarp, dry ice, headstones, floating ghosts, hand-carved pumpkins… You get the idea.

Plus, Halloween allows for a different level of creativity. Google “Halloween decor” and you’ll be bombarded by thousands upon thousands of ideas for home decor. I’m especially in love with the extent that some folks go to when creating a haunted house. We’re talking weekly, monthly, even yearly projects (seriously, they start planning their next haunted house right after Halloween is over!)

I was able to find some really cool projects on Pinterest including chicken wire ghosts, creepy spider mason jars, and a link to these free printable Apothecary labels

Chicken Wire Ghosts
These chicken wire ghost ladies aren’t for the faint of heart - they’re definitely better as a group project on a day when you have plenty of time. Still, the finished product makes it worth the hassle. Here’s a how-to by eHow. I’ve heard of people spraying these with glow in the dark spray (see photo below). You could also place one or two over one of my Solar Pathway Lanterns for a unique, otherworldly shine!

chicken wire ghosts

Spider Mason Jars
These mason jars are fantastic! From what I can tell, they’re fairly easy to execute. Black fingernail polish for the lid, cotton balls, plastic spiders and a tealight… Here’s the article from for more detailed instruction. These would be great on the front porch, or on your mantle during Halloween!

Glowing Tombstones
Tombstones are where Halloween enthusiasts get really creative. The names, the size of the tombstone, the dirt, etc.. Gone are the days when you could just throw up some cardboard with “Kreap E. Crawley” scrawled in black paint and call it good. If you’re finding it’s time to take your tombstones to the next level, do me a favor. Try putting a solar path light behind the tombstone or put a solar luminary in front of the tombstone to really light it up! Or, try using a red flame bulb in a lantern to really set the scene.

Not to mention, I have several lights to choose from that will accentuate your Halloween decor. Try out my Bat Bulb, Jack o’ Lantern, or Ghost bulb to complete your haunted house this year!