Why We Are Boycotting Black Friday


When I was doing more art shows Black Friday used to be one of busiest shopping days and over the years myself and fellow artists could see that we were losing show attendees to the ginormous mass marketing efforts of the giant box stores.  Our former customers were going and standing in line for promotions from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, and the like. To me and many of my fellow progressive artist peers, Black Friday represented the uninvited onslaught of the inescapable commercial sales pitch type messages that are impossible for us to avoid let alone compete with as small indie businesses.  

So we encourage each of you to join our progressive artist/indie community and boycott Black Friday buy not shopping at all!!! For ANYTHING on that day.  If we absolutely needed goods or services we would try to barter or at least make purchases from other small indie companies. Here’s a few we encourage you to check out:

Ambrz Art

Ambrz Art creators Amber and Marty make beautiful, handcrafted "jewelry" for your home and garden from recycled materials like copper and fused glass.


Sierra Nevada Soap

I love the idea of all natural, vegan soap and Sierra Nevada Soap Company has a great selection of soaps along wit soap dishes!

Ataraxia Designs

There's nothing to not love about Ataraxia Designs. Even their business bio is soothing: "With thoughts of merging the East and West by recognizing the Zen concept in our culture, we combine our own hand drawn artwork with our original poetry."


Sticky Situation "Quality Cactus and Succulents"

If you're a cactus and succulent enthusiast, this is THE place to visit! They have so many different types of cacti and succulents, some you've probably never even heard of. And, they're a really neat destination spot in Arizona since they even give garden tours!

A Buckle A Belt & A Brunette

Belts for everyone! Super stylish and all handmade, leather belts - I can't imagine better quality. Kristy specializes in 3-D buckles (check them out on her Facebook).

Liz Patton Design

If you like eccentric jewelry, you'll really like Liz Patton Design. She bends wire into gorgeous, wearable, hand made jewelry. Check it out!

Coconut Hut Beauty

You'll find every type of beauty supply you can imagine made wit coconut here. But what I really love is how they make everything "fresh to order" with natural and organic ingredients.


A stylish clothing company located in Northridge, CA. I love how colorful and unique the clothing is. And, it's a small business that's thriving!

Harry Mason Designer Jewelry

Yes, Harry Mason is a top notch jewelry designer in San Francisco. Yes, his jewelry is to die for! However, my favorite thing about him is how involved he is in global issues like ending hunger, educating children and eliminating disease.

Modified Tease

 As if the name "Modified Tease" wasn't cool enough, Modified Tease actually makes some really cool stuff using recycled jewelry and t-shirts. Their "tease" shirt projects include pillows, cat toys, headbands, and more!


I love how chic everything at Shebobo is. This is the place you want to shop if you're looking for a special gift to compliment a pretty lady.


And MOOD-LIGHTS OF COURSE : http://mood-lights.com

Please, take a minute to think about adding some light into the life of someone you love. Lights can make the perfect gift and convey all kinds of emotions.