Socially Conscious Gift Ideas

I'm a lover of small, locally owned businesses where products are created that aren't just beautiful, but are earth-friendly and aim to brighten your day. Supporting local is an important part of growing our economy. This year, add to your holiday traditions and search for socially conscious gifts from hardworking, local business owners and artisans. When you shop local, you're not only buying a gift, you're giving brightening your community at the same time. Put local back on the map and use our brilliant Socially Conscious Holiday Gift List as your guide:


The Eccentric Fashionista


Everyone knows someone with a bold sense of fashion, but they can be so hard to shop for! Yeah Yeah Pony Prince t-shirts are serious show stoppers, all unique and hand painted using block print design and most importantly, are organically sustainable. If your fashion diva is really picky, check out Sloop Jones hand painted clothing line where they offer all sorts of wearables and even some original sign artwork.  Give the gift of wearable art that your fashionista shouldn't have to live without.


The Queen Bee

It doesn't get any sweeter than the gift of honey, especially when you purchase your honey from Bee Chama. The most important thing Bee Charma does is keep the honey exactly like the honeybees made it, complete with pollen, enzymes, and beeswax. When you purchase from Bee Chama, you're supporting a family owned and operated business that is constantly seeking new ways to be socially conscious and sustainable.


The Rocker

Aquamarine Jewelry Studio.jpg

Grab some earrings, a necklace, or a graceful bracelet from Aquamarine Jewelry Studio. Brooke and Patrick Glineur, owners and designers, hand pick all of the gemstones and fresh water pearls they use to create their affordable jewelry. It's simple, it's understated, and it's perfect for that jewelry lover who needs something really different to complete their collection.


The Naturalist

Speaking of jewelry, check out these creative pieces from Third Eye Pinecones. Their designs are really exciting! They actually hand-craft rings, pendants, and more using the centers from the world's densest pinecones. The best part? For every pendant sold, a tree is planted making this the perfect gift for the naturalist yearning to conserve and replenish.


The Foodie

Brazilian Munchies?? Yes, please! Seriously, this Brazilian cheese bread is beyond yummy. You can purchase it by the pound, where they will then ship it frozen to you to gift to whom you please. I especially appreciate that these are gluten-free! Just remember to order extra for yourself...

The Hostess With The Most

What do you buy for the person who has everything? A Brad Henry piece, of course (and if they already have a piece of Brad Henry pottery, why not add to the collection)? One look at BP's pottery portfolio and you'll see he really means it when he says, "Pieces should be fun to look at and proud to give." Purposeful, breathtaking art that just might make you the best gift-giver of all time.


The Dreamer


CharmedUs has a bit of something for everyone, but if you're really digging to find a fantastical gift for a whimsical dreamer, this is your one-stop shop. CharmedUs proudly creates uniquely stunning products with recycled, refurbished materials. From bird feeders to decanters to fairy wear, it's all here, ready for the picking.


If you're dreaming about something more wearable to gift, order a custom outfit from Elvyn Galactic. There's nothing better than a made-to-order, one of a kind rainbow designed dress, or onesie.


The Entertainer


If you're trying to find something for an attention-grabbing entertainer, check out Laser Guided Visions. They make business cards and wearables,  but the really cool feature about LGV's products are the holograms! With digital, 3-D printing capabilities, they can make just about anything.

For Those That Bathe

Wait isn’t that everyone? (Should be.) Precisely the point. It’s the perfect gift for everyone, because everyone needs soap and uses it daily (or should be). Sierra Nevada Soaps by Sierra Nevada Soap Company are byfar my favorite bathing accessory, their essential oil combinations are out of this world. Bay rum is on the top of my list with a synergistic blend of pure essential oils and ground spices give this bar its deep, rich, spicy aroma that penetrates your senses and gently exfoliates. In fact its bath time.

The Thoughtful Threader


Ataraxia Designs, a men and women’s clothing company that truly cares about the environment—they eat sleep and breathe it. Using Organic cotton, their clothes are as comfortable as they are stylish.


And of course our Mood-Lights, Long-life low energy light bulbs hand painted to case the painted image and colors onto the walls and ceiling in a darkened room or onto a lamp shade.