Get Your Shopping On This Small Business Saturday

 Photo Credit: Retail Minded


We’re not HUGE fans of Black Friday, in fact we’ve boycotted it the past few years.  Black Friday is frankly the death of Thanksgiving, cuts into precious time spent  with families during the holiday weekend, the day encouraged folks to frantically shop at odd hours at major retailers, leaving small businesses in the dust. We just can’t compete with 75% off, after all most of us eat from our business earnings. 

Small Business Saturday is an effort to support small business in a BIG way. And we’re obviously BIG fans. Not only does the faux holiday bring attention to the fact that Black Friday is a horrible idea, but it celebrates small businesses and encourages folks to shop small. 

“Year round, small businesses shape our communities and neighborhoods thanks to their unique charm, characteristics and one-of-a-kind personas, and it’s these attributions that help make Small Business Saturday even more important to support and celebrate. Putting small businesses center stage on Small Business Saturday is the least we can do as customers for businesses and the people that work within them who do so much for us year round.” -Forbes

We hope you join us and support small businesses like ours this coming November 26th.