Nautical 5320

5320 nautical
5320 nautical5320 nautical in shade
$45.00 each


You can almost smell the salty air with this Nautical theme painted Mood-Light Bulb projecting calm Blue Seas and sky colored light with Red and white Sail Boat and Light House shining on the walls and ceiling or Lamp Shade!  Betcha have the perfect Lighthouse Lamp for this Bulbs to fit in!

In the Dark about Color Meanings and Animal Symbolism? Become Enlightened.


•    Best effects achieved on white or lighter colored walls and lamp shades in a darkened.
      Also glow great on softer colored walls.
•    Standard base fits ANYWHERE a regular light bulb screws in.
•    The paint used is permanent, and planet, pet, and people SAFE!!!
•    These long life low energy 25 watt light bulbs last and average of 3 to 5 years of 8 hours
      daily use.
•    More Q's?  Read our Guarantee and FAQs