Solar Powered LED Path Lights

LwMpx Night 1
LwMpx Night 1LwMpx Night 2

Our price: $35.00 each


Hand-Painted Solar Powered LED Garden Stakes are my own ORIGINAL creation, and are made with the same high temperature, water based paint that I use on my Mood-Light Bulbs so that the paint weather resistant.

These are great for Path Lighting among other uses...

* I guarantee my paint will NEVER melt, burn, fade, peel, crack, bubble, smoke, smell, etc... EVER! It will NOT emit any sort of toxic fumes or offgas in any way. *

Each light comes fitted with a pre-charged AA NiMH battery, as well as a photovoltaic solar panel that draws energy from the sun to recharge the battery during the day. At dusk, the path lights turn on automatically and remain bright for up to eight hours on a full charge. Easy to install with no wiring required,