It's REally Easy To REduce & REuse

Recycled bottles

While browsing the web, I was grabbed by a headline, “Woman Fits Two Years of Trash in One Small Mason Jar.” I have to admit… I was skeptical. Yes, I am an active proponent of all the “Re’s” – ReClaiming, RePairing, ReUsing, ReCycling, RePurposing, ReFurbishing and ReFinishing – but two years is a long time!

Of course, I had to hear this woman’s story and boy, I was inspired! She begins by pointing out that the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day. That’s over 1,500 pounds per year! Now, I’m sure I keep my waste average much lower – it’s just become my way of life. But I am always striving to do better, to continue working towards a cleaner, healthier world, so I started taking notes.

The idea is simple: trade common household items for more eco-friendly alternatives. Use DIY recipes for cleaners, toothpaste, etc. to become as close to self-sustaining as possible. This can be a BIG change for most, but the great news is you don’t have to do what she did to live cleaner and greener. Small steps can lead to a big contribution towards conservation.

I’ve been doing some things here at Mood-Lights to incorporate all of the “Re’s” into my work. I want to see a bright future for all beings here on Earth, so I make a conscious effort to ReClaim, RePair, ReUse, ReCycle, RePurpose, ReFurbish, and ReFinish everything I possibly can, from packing and shipping materials, office/art supplies, and booth constructing materials. My Solar Luminaries are solar lanterns that I create by RePairing/ReUsing/Refurbishing parts from old solar yard lights that people have thrown away that I find at the dump. These parts are used to illuminate found objects (mostly discarded glassware like flower vases, wine glasses, etc. found at the dump) that I then hand paint.
Solar Luminaries
If we are all dedicated to making even the smallest of changes in our daily routines to live cleaner, we can collectively make a huge difference. Spring is the time for new beginnings and growth. I challenge you to evaluate and figure out a way you can begin to integrate one of those “Re’s” into your life, and don’t forget to share your ideas with me on Facebook!