Lighting Up Your Patio

Patio Lighting

If you’ve been following the Mood Lights blog, you’ve probably guessed by now that I love DIY projects. I’m a refurbisher at heart; I live for repurposing and reusing. I find that DIY projects compliment this passion, especially during summer when so many fun DIY projects find their way to Pinterest.

In this case I’m following the crowd, and often get ideas from Pinterest. Pssst-If you haven’t visited my Pinterest you’re seriously missing out (check it out here). I’m always looking for creative, unique ways to decorate, especially with lighting. And, with the warmer weather, kids out of school and the summer spirit no doubt kicking in I’ve come across several patio and deck lighting ideas that I’ve fallen in love with.

Being creative can be time consuming and in the Pinterest day and age, being unique when decorating is almost impossible. However, I understand wanting to put your own stamp on your space. So, I browsed through Pinterest and found some of my favorite patio lighting ideas… and then I went ahead and “repurposed them” to be a little more “mood light” custom. You’re welcome. :)

Check these patio lighting ideas out and if you’re able to try a few, send me your photos!

Hanging Lights
Hanging Patio Light

One of my favorite patio features because it's just so pretty. Hanging lights remind me of stars but stars can be hard to see in the city. It does seem like nowadays everyone uses hanging lights to customize their patio, which is cool. However, if you’re looking for a unique take on hanging lights on your patio, try using mood lights! Colored lights would look so neat hanging above and brightening your patio. Try out my Rainbow Light for a funky feel, or this Magenta Mosaic for a more retro ambiance.

2. Boho Box Lights
Boho Lights

Love, love, love boho style anything! Bohemian box lights are really eclectic and soften up any area. I especially love them for a patio or a pathway, or  around your pool. I can just imagine how neat an Amber Mosaic bulb would look, glowing through a boho box.

3. Mounted Mason Jar Lights
Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars just scream “repurposed” so I clearly enjoy using them for everything other than what they were originally intended for. It can be as simple as attaching a wire hanger to the jar and a hook to the fence or patio rail - but, to dress these lights up a bit, add a Blue Moon bulb for a night sky scene.

4. Ground Lights
Mood Lights Solar Light

Ground lights are sometimes the most charming lights of all because they’re so simple - just a bulb illuminating a pathway or a patio floor. Fixed to the ground, these bulbs can cast brilliant designs at your feet and set the mood for an entertaining night outside. I love the thought of using my Red Flame bulb to add a little “heat”. If you’re looking for simplicity, grab a few of my solar powered path lights!