We Want Your Old Punch Cups!

Punch Cups

As you all know we’re big fans of refurbishing and repurposing just about anything we can. So when we ran out of Punch Cups for our Solar Luminaries we immediately thought of the thousands of punch cups probably sitting around waiting for a little love. Never fear, punch cups, Mood-Lights is here to give you a new life. :)

We’re asking all of our friends, fans, and lighting fanatics to search high and low for Punch bowls and cups they aren’t using anymore and send them to us (we’ll happily cover the shipping!) and as a thank you we’ll send you a brand new painted Punch Cup that Lights Up and is Solar Powered to brighten up your patio, garden, campsite and more!

Pass on the repurposing love, we thank you for it (and so does Mother Nature).

Thanks friends!