Burning Man Love

Burning Man Lit Up

Burning Man is only a few weeks away! I’m sure it feels almost like Christmas for the thousands of folks that attend this annual event. Living on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, I won’t be able to attend. However, that doesn’t stop me from feeling a little giddy about the fact that Burning Man is right around the corner!

The concept of Burning Man really hits home with me: bringing grand, joyful experiences to attendees that lift the human spirit and address social problems at the same time; promoting unity and inspiring a sense of culture, community and personal engagement. It’s no wonder so many artisans come together to build Black Rock city in the Nevada desert. This is what drives most of our artistic passions -  the idea that we can lift the world up and spread light and love all around to ultimately unify.

Take a moment to read about the guiding 10 Principles of Burning Man. Seriously, these are life changing ideas that should be promoted and supported at all times. Burning Man represents something much larger than just a music festival - it is a soul-shaking experience.

Burning Man Sculpture
Burning Man Sculpture

Lights are such a big part of Burning Man. At night, the desert lights up with showers of light from the different camps and I am grateful to be included through my work. During the day, solar lights recharge to be used after sundown - truly an event that shares my love of sustainable energy. In fact, my solar path and luminaries have become popular fixtures at Burning Man. For this reason, I’m taking custom solar light orders through August 10th. This gives me enough time for creation and shipping. All other bulbs would need to be ordered by August 15th in order to be received in time for the event.

Here is a custom order I’ve painted in the past for Burning Man:

Burning Man

Custom burning man

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