Elephant Apprecation Day

Elephant Appreciation
Casey Allen / Unsplash

September 22nd is a very special day. Maybe you've heard of it, seen it trending on Twitter or Instagram? If not, no worries. I'm here to spread the word (and the love) about Elephant Appreciation Day.

Pachyderm lover Wayne Hepburn created Elephant Appreciation Day in 1996. Wayne was as fascinated by elephants as I am. It's easy to understand why so many admire this beloved and majestic creature. Elephants are more like humans than you think.

I could name off a million things that make elephants one of the most amazing animals. However, the coolest things about elephants is their ability to feel. Elephants form a very tight knit family group, they respect their elders, and they have been known to emit emotions such as crying, laughing, and above all, love. 

The joy that elephants bring is contagious, which is why I've created a limited edition Elephant Appreciation Day mood-light. Order this light here, or email me to arrange your custom order in time for Elephant Appreciation Day!

Elephant mood-light

Elephant bulb