Haunted House Lighting Tips

Halloween could arguably be one of my favorite holidays. The artist in me connects with the type of decorating that happens during Halloween. As opposed to Christmas, where most can get away with stringing Christmas lights or hanging a wreath, Halloween requires a more detailed approach. Cobwebs, black tarp, dry ice, headstones, floating ghosts, hand-carved pumpkins… You get the idea.

Plus, Halloween allows for a different level of creativity. Google “Halloween decor” and you’ll be bombarded by thousands upon thousands of ideas for home decor. I’m especially in love with the extent that some folks go to when creating a haunted house. We’re talking weekly, monthly, even yearly projects (seriously, they start planning their next haunted house right after Halloween is over!)

I was able to find some really cool projects on Pinterest including chicken wire ghosts, creepy spider mason jars, and a link to these free printable Apothecary labels

Chicken Wire Ghosts
These chicken wire ghost ladies aren’t for the faint of heart - they’re definitely better as a group project on a day when you have plenty of time. Still, the finished product makes it worth the hassle. Here’s a how-to by eHow. I’ve heard of people spraying these with glow in the dark spray (see photo below). You could also place one or two over one of my Solar Pathway Lanterns for a unique, otherworldly shine!

chicken wire ghosts

Spider Mason Jars
These mason jars are fantastic! From what I can tell, they’re fairly easy to execute. Black fingernail polish for the lid, cotton balls, plastic spiders and a tealight… Here’s the article from Momdot.com for more detailed instruction. These would be great on the front porch, or on your mantle during Halloween!

Glowing Tombstones
Tombstones are where Halloween enthusiasts get really creative. The names, the size of the tombstone, the dirt, etc.. Gone are the days when you could just throw up some cardboard with “Kreap E. Crawley” scrawled in black paint and call it good. If you’re finding it’s time to take your tombstones to the next level, do me a favor. Try putting a solar path light behind the tombstone or put a solar luminary in front of the tombstone to really light it up! Or, try using a red flame bulb in a lantern to really set the scene.

Not to mention, I have several lights to choose from that will accentuate your Halloween decor. Try out my Bat Bulb, Jack o’ Lantern, or Ghost bulb to complete your haunted house this year!